PULSE LF Low-Flow Ultrasonic Chemical Injection Metering Valves



Inject low-dose inhibitors effectively

The PULSE LF low-flow ultrasonic chemical injection metering valve (CIMV) is designed for injection of low-dose inhibitors (e.g., for wax, scale, corrosion) and uses an ultrasonic flowmeter and a precision needle valve in closed-loop or open-loop position control. It has been engineered to handle flow rates from 0.07 galUS/h to 159 galUS/h [0.25 L/h to 600 L/h] and it is retrievable by an ROV, whether mounted in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Obtain accurate measurement with debris-tolerant, nonintrusive flowmeter

The PULSE LF CIMV uses a debris-tolerant, microbore, nonintrusive, line-of-sight ultrasonic flowmeter that has no moving parts. Unlike a Venturi type flowmeter, it is pressure independent and has a very low native pressure drop. The flowmeter provides consistent accuracy (better than 2%) and a very large turndown ratio (up to 2,400:1).

Precisely regulate flow

A precision needle valve regulates the flow of the chemical through the system. The needle has an equal percentage flow curve, providing exceptional control over a very large flow range. It is operated by an electric actuator, which provides very fine system adjustment, controlled by the feedback from the ultrasonic flowmeter via the onboard closed-loop control algorithm.


  • ROV-retrievable, self-regulating metering valve for injection of chemicals such as corrosion, scale, and wax inhibitors and low-dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs)
  • Flow range 0.07 galUS/h to 159 galUS/h [0.25 L/h to 600 L/h]
  • Microbore, nonintrusive ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Accuracy better than ±2% of reading for all flow rates greater than 2 L/h
  • Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi [690 bar] and 15,000 psi [1,034 bar] 
  • Maximum water depth 13,123 ft [4,000 m] 
  • Insert weight 150 lbm [68 kg] in water 
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting on tree/manifold
  • CANbus, CiA443, or Modbus communication 
  • Redundant flow measurement system
  • Onboard control and diagnostics
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